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Moreno the Owl-Killer tackles human opposition

15th April, 2011

Colombian football team Deportivo Pereira’s Panamanian defender and resident animal lover Luis Moreno has been handed a seven match ban for subjecting Deportivo Cali’s Pablo Andrés Escobar to the sort of kind treatment he more customarily reserves for select members of the feathered community. During a match in February Moreno spotted an owl that had been struck by a ball lying dazed on the pitch and, heart thoroughly rent, immediately acted to remove it from danger by attempting to kick it to safety. The bird, despite the best efforts of veterinary science, subsequently passed away. A contrite Moreno tearfully assured an incensed public that “it wasn’t my intention to hurt the animal. It’s very difficult for me and my family who are in Panama and are afraid about all this.”

No doubt the defender offered a similar explanation to a compassionate Colombian Football Federation after his more recent repeat performance on Escobar, which would explain why his sentence has been commuted from a lengthy prison term for aggravated assault to seven games and a £250 fine.

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